The Shadow Product.

Shadow presents a front office environment for fund managers. It captures the database from your existing back office accounting systems to provide a more user friendly view of your investment fundamentals.

These include holding balances and deal transactions, as well as cash, property and income information and much more.

Shadow also provides extremely sophisticated modelling and performance measurement functionality based on this database, as well as an extensive range of sophisticated reporting modules.


To E-Mail Shadow press the button below.


A Fragment of the Shadow Front Page.


The above image shows a fragment of the starting window displayed by Shadow. It contains a range of drop-down menus and short-cut buttons which lead to the various special fund manager functions.

The Menu Guide.

To explore the functionality of Shadow and view the specific operations that can be performed, you should visit the Menu Guide area. This provides a tour through the menu structure, showing the key functions, and demonstrating the overall capabilities of Shadow.


The Subject Guide.

If you wish to understand some of the specific topics in Shadow, visit the Subject Guide area.


The Interface Guide.

If you are a new client and are in the process of creating the interface files between your own accounting systems and Shadow, visit the Interface Guide area.


The Installation Guide.

If you are installing Shadow or making an upgrade, visit the Installation Guide area.